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!!LINK!! Tony.Hawks.Pro.Skater.HD.Update.2.incl.Revert.Pack.DLC-SKIDROW Pc Game


Tony.Hawks.Pro.Skater.HD.Update.2.incl.Revert.Pack.DLC-SKIDROW pc game

Pony Island. On 19 December, Activision announced that the game's Season Pass can be renewed by purchasing Pro Skater HD Plus, which includes the four extra levels. The game's developer, Robomodo, described Pro Skater HD Plus as "an easy way for people to get all four extra levels and a couple of unlockable characters." However, some people were reporting that it was available for $20 instead of $10 in the US. On 12 January 2013, the price was increased to $10, and it was eventually pulled from sale. Dec 6, 2013 Robomodo has released a full patch for the PC version of the game, along with the four additional levels and the characters. The patch includes a video tutorial for the new levels, since they are different from the previous two. The four new levels are called "The Raptor", "Under the Swirl", "Explosive" and "The Yard". The new characters are "Chanku" and "Sweeney". In addition, these characters are now available for the Xbox 360. Dec 12, 2013 Robomodo has announced that the free update is available on the PC version of the game. The update has now been added to the website of the developer, and it does not have any features except for the four new levels and the new characters. The game will be released for the Xbox 360 soon. Mar 21, 2015 The PlayStation 4 version of the game is delayed to be released on February 19, 2016. Sep 1, 2015 The version of the game for PlayStation 4 is released. The version of the game for Xbox One is released. Nov 22, 2015 The version of the game for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is released. The version of the game for Nintendo Wii U and PlayStation Vita is released. Nov 26, 2015 A bundle containing the game, a Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD hoodie and a Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD poster, with the PSN and Xbox Live code card is released in North America. Dec 31, 2015 The game is removed from the Xbox Live Marketplace due to the discontinuation of the service. Aug 6, 2016 The game is still available on the Xbox 360. References External links Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD website Pro Skater HD Facebook page Category:2013 video games Category:Activ

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!!LINK!! Tony.Hawks.Pro.Skater.HD.Update.2.incl.Revert.Pack.DLC-SKIDROW Pc Game

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